About Us

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC-USA) is a business association that works to provide resources to Indian American business prospects in the United States. Located in Michigan, the business association supports Indian American businesses with valuable insights, networking, policy advocacy, and other services that strengthens the economic landscape of Michigan. The association also helps support businesses from India in making the right investments in Michigan – real estate, industry expertise, legal navigation and other business services.

With the perks of globalization, the whole world is a global village today. There are numerous individuals of India origin who have permanently and temporarily settled in the United States and have established their chain of businesses. It is not easy to operate in any foreign land without a strong community supporting each other and fostering growth. IACC-USA is a holistic community supporting and binding the divide between trade, business, commerce, manpower and talent. The association is an apex bilateral chamber of commerce that synergizes the economic engagement of India and the USA.

IACC-USA supports and initiates various programs and events that promote greater collaboration between business personnel and pave the way for referrals leading to higher job opportunities. The focus is to establish racial equity and empowerment through various programs and policies. IACC in Michigan is not just a business community. Instead, it hopes to be a cumulative voice of the Indian business community settled in Michigan, United States.

Since its inception in 2010, IACC has tried to initiate remarkable changes creating a healthy economic corridor between India and USA. With a monumental paradigm shift in the Indian business market facilitating greater foreign investments, it has become even more vital to help the Indian business houses know more about foreign trade policies of the USA and convey the realities of the market, including recessions, risk, and ethics. IACC is a bridge between eminent business personnel and aspiring entrepreneurs to catalyze the exchange of ideas and promote growth.

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce will operate at the forefront to enhance the dynamics of US-India trade and commerce initiatives.


IACC USA was formed to foster and strengthen the economic relations between India and the United States, specifically the State of Michigan


IACC, USA, seeks to provide a sustainable platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, corporations and governments in the United States and India to interact, exchange and promote economic development, trade, and commerce. Furthermore, the organization will also aim to leverage its network to promote and grow the Midwest region's economic landscape, including Michigan, through smart investments and job creation.


  • To empower Indian American businesses with resources and tools to diversify or succeed in their initiatives.
  • To promote trade dialog and commerce between India and Michigan through building and nurturing existing and new partnerships - including diplomatic organizations and industry bodies.
  • To provide global opportunities, tools, and resources to entrepreneurs and young start-ups in diversified industry verticals.